We are a team of experienced and positive people who enjoy creating new products. We engage our knowledge and full involvement in each of our designs. We also attach great importance to every detail of all the projects. We believe in high quality, ethics and satisfaction of our clients. We are happy when our work is well-received and… we keep on working. The projects presented below are just the beginning. There is much more in store!

Home fragrances

These products are made for those who treat aromas around them as an inherent part of their life. We offer a variety of high quality fragrances available in different product combinations.


Believing in the medicinal power of nature, we have created a line of natural and eco-friendly products based on safe and modern formulas.

Carpentry shop

It’s a workshop full of ideas, ready to make an ideal design for individual and corporate clients as well as public institutions.

Premium Fragrances

Beautiful fragrances are our passion. We look for fragrant inspirations all over the world, from the gentle hills of Provence to the Orient – with a bit of piquancy added. The outcome of our fascination are our products – they are simple, but at the same time accentuate the character of each interior with their decorative style as well as their fragrance.

Car fragrances

Take an aromatic trip with Carfume! It’s not only a car fragrance brand but also a line of trendy and attractive items, which will make your car look original.

Private labels

Our portfolio includes face and body care products, as well as home, car and body fragrances.

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